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Alternative International Development "AID" is a Canadian consulting firm established in 2009, aims to develop new market opening for Canadian companies.
A.I.D advice and accompany Canadian companies in theirs process to develop new business opportunities in emerging markets, North Africa (Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania & Libya) and Gulf Cooperation Council (Oman & Qatar), we also give the same services to foreign companies to source products or services in Canadian market.

Our field of expertise is build up and inspired from several land visit and market intelligence as well.
These fields are listed in strategic development priority in our targeted developing market, Agriculture, Mining & Construction-Civil Engineering.

  International Market Research
  International Business Risk Analysis
  Intercultural Negotiation
  Business Plan
  Market Study
  International Market Entry and Distribution

Provide Canadian SMEs with futuristic and sustainable win-win solutions; give them the opportunity to gain

Business Matchmaking between Canadian SMEs and their corresponding companies and/or investors in developing countries in proactive
A.I.D organize the participation of Nutrania Inc. as an exhibitor at AGRA Middle East 2012, Dubai, 2-4 April 2012.

A.I.D make a business trip to Algeria, 8 - 19 April 2012.

A.I.D conducts market research on behalf of RMM plumbing supply manufacturer, June 2012

25-25 Oct-2012, A.I.D Organise a trade mission ij Montreal for 10 Jewelry Manufacturers, Cordoba Spaine.

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